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1. Luhan and Xiumin will play soccer in the dorms.

2. Sehun cannot stand Chanyeol’s lack of behaviour (Childish behaviour etc)

3. Suho really listens to D.O

4. Luhan learns Wushu with Tao, and twisted his waist.

5. The ramen that Baekhyun cooked made Chanyeol laugh for a very long time. (How unpleasant was the taste ?)

6. Sehun’s chest muscles are bigger than Kai’s.

7. Tao knows of Kristao/Taoris when he had to pick up a handkerchief. (Not so sure about this one)

8. The members of M’s life or death are all in their own hands.

9. Luhan and Sehun’s gaming abilities are very good.

10. Chanyeol’s ass has stopped Baekhyun, Kris, D.O, Suho, Kai and other people in their footsteps.


1. Chanyeol hits people very hard, he even made D.O cry.

2. Suho cannot cook, apart from making Ramen.

3. Kai is very scared of the heat, so in D.O and Kai’s room, the cold air temperature is very low.

4. All 12 members like to eat snacks so when cleaning up their rubbish they are very durable.

5. Sehun likes to collect baseball caps.

6. In private, Kai gets shy very easily.

7. K’s manager will visit their dorm at night and see them not resting.

8. Only Chen will say that Tao’s eye’s are natural and not eyebags.

9. Lay and Kris have a habit of wearing eye masks when they go to sleep.

10. Before Chanyeol’s hair is done, it is so messy it’s amazing.

Part 2 shall be translated tomorrow ~


1. When Tao speaks Korean, Xiumin can understand what he’s trying to say straight away.

2. The 3 words in Chinese which Baekhyun knows the best are Bo Xian (his chinese name), beef and handsome.

3. Everyday, Kai needs to have supper so he can sleep.

4. Luhan will play pranks on the manager.

5. Baekhyun thinks that when he smiles, he looks a lot like Luhan.

6. All of K’s members have seen Lay’s “Many fish are swimming here, swimming here” show. (Referring to this)

7. Chanyeol is talented in playing games and also talented in the reality of Confucious. (Maybe he’s the modern day Confucious ?)

8. Before going on shows, Suho will talk to the members seriously. (Leader ah, pretty tiring..)

9. Other members are used to Tao saying “Duizhang is very handsome”.

10. Kai wakes up very early, he’s not someone who sleeps very easily.


1. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are the dorms “Child Kings”, Suho even once used his fist to stop their childish fighting but even that didn’t work.

2. Kris and Chanyeol’s understanding for each other is pretty long. Their relationship is solid. Before debut, there were many times where they practiced/trained with each other.

3. D.O will often bully Kai in the dorms.

4. Luhan and Sehun brought the same phone charm.

5. The members’ underwear are all the same brand.

6. When Sehun is hungry at night, he will ask Suho to buy food for him.

7. Baekhyun always has this habit before he sleeps, he’ll play Scissors, Paper, Rock with Chanyeol and whoever loses is unlucky.

8. The members like to eat D.O’s miso soup.

9. Tao likes to do aegyo on Kris, Kris in private is a chatterbox.

10. Some fans will see D.O and Sehun at night going to buy Milk Tea.

11. Chanyeol’s favourite three things to do are: eating, sleeping and bullying Baekhyun. Baekhyun’s favourite three things to do are eating, sleeping and hitting back Chanyeol.

12. Changmin will eat with K.


1. Because they share a dorm and he is the dongsaeng, Suho will take care of Sehun.

2. When Suho goes shopping, he will always take Sehun.

3. Suho and Sehun both like to drink Milk tea.

5. If you see Sehun on the street, next to him will appear Suho.

4. Sehun is not a mature person but he’s not capricious. He is also very considerate of Suho.

6. Sehun loves to play pranks, so Suho who shares a dorm with him wouldn’t have just suffered a little bit.

7. Suho doesn’t like to use the leader status to suppress the other members, he likes to be equal and so Sehun is dependant on him.

8. When Sehun is hungry in the middle of the night, Suho will immediately go find food for Sehun.

9. Suho is someone who has a very good temper so Sehun really cherishes him.

10. When Sehun is excited, he will hug Suho.

11. In front to the company, Sehun is eating a lollipop while you can see Suho also eating a lollipop, the other members probably don’t like sweet snacks too much.

12. Most of Sehun’s life, it’s Suho who mainly takes care of him and helps him.


1. As a trainee, there was this girl Sehun liked, but the girl’s boyfriend was a “fighter.” The boyfriend found out that Sehun liked his girlfriend, so he messaged Sehun on Nate-On and cursed him out. Sehun got all scared and called Chanyeol over to the chatroom, and this boyfriend guy was all like “Who the fuck is this kid…” Apparently, the boyfriend had “Chan” in his name too, so Chanyeol said, “Let’s not be like this. We’re both Chan’s~” The boyfriend started cursing at Chanyeol, and Chanyeol got all scared too. So he apologized and left the chatroom.”

Trans: predebut-exo@tumblr

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